Acura CL Rebuilt Transmissions

Acura CL Rebuilt TransmissionsAcura CL is a luxury car produced by Honda Motors for its Acura brand. This luxury coupe first hit the market in 1997 and lasted until 2003. Few automakers have had the successes that Honda has had especially with its Acura brand. The CL went through a few different transmissions before the MGFA base was used. There were early transmission issues with the Acura and Honda agreed to lengthen the standard OEM warranty to 100,000 miles. This helped secure the consumer confidence in the CL transmissions. We have these Acura CL rebuilt transmissions on sale right now and ready to ship with a free warranty.

The CL transmission was unique because as an automatic transmission it could work together with the V6 and I4 engine platform. Honda pioneered this design and development. It is exclusively used for the Acura brand. The rebuilt transmissions you will find here are all imported from Honda. These are not cheap imitations that are found through other dealer networks. We keep things OEM and give consumers a choice when it comes to buying remanufactured transmissions. We employ our expert team of Honda transmission mechanics inside of our transmission shop.

Acura CL Rebuilt Transmissions

The Acura transmissions that we sell are either 4-speed or 5-speed versions. The year that your vehicle was made can determine what type of transmission it accepts. We find transmissions from the inventory of our distributors and this is what we take into our shop here to rebuild. We do a lot when it comes to reconditioning transmissions. The gears, bearings and other internal parts are all cleaned and we inspect them for signs of deterioration. There are no parts that are too tiny to be cleaned or evaluated. It only takes one or two parts to cause gearing issues. Our team knows what to search for inside of a transmission. We are experts and know Japanese transmissions very well. What customers get in return for purchasing these is a long lasting gearbox.

All transmission work receives our standard warranty. The only difference between a new warranty and our coverage is the length of time available. Transmissions that are 10+ years old and have over 100,000 miles might not be covered under the OEM warranty. We use our judgment and extend the time frame for our customers. This lets us provide the assurance transmission customers need after they complete an installation. Our Acura CL transmission specs are always checked for accuracy before extensions of the warranty is applied. We know what we are selling, how great it works and how long it will last as a used transmission.

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Quotes for transmissions are never difficult at our company. All you have to do to get a phone quote is call toll free at 1-877-630-3874. You speak with a knowledgeable expert and you will know what our discount pricing includes. Online quotes are also very simple. Use our Acura CL transmission quote form on this website. It saves you time and definitely saves you money.





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