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The Acura MDX [Also the Honda MDX] is a midsize crossover type SUV designed for the luxury crowd. As far as I know it’s the first SUV to have a 3rd row of seating. One thing you can always count on in an Acura is the transmission. Acura/Honda build some terrific transmissions, a bit unusual, but terrific.

Though the ratio of need for rebuilt MDX transmissions for sale is less than the bulk of it’s competitors, we get calls for replacement transmissions every day. Did you know the MDX is built on a front wheel drive/all wheel drive chassis?

Technically called a transverse mounting system, it consists of the transmission/engine combo being mounted sideways, as opposed to parallel to the axis of the car. If it had all wheel drive [AWD] then there is an output shaft on the transmission [transaxle] going to a rear differential assembly.

To make a point, we call these transmissions, transaxles. Why? Because the transmission components and front differential assembly are all in the same case or housing. Thus it saves weight and space. It’s an excellent design used by nearly ever car manufacturer nowadays in their one cars.

Acura made it real simple to figure out what type of transmission your particular model might have. Having been on the market sinse 2001, and already in it’s second generation, only automatic transmissions are offered. The first generation made from 2001 [YDX] had a 5 speed automatic transmission only.

The second generation introduced in 2007 [YD2] and still in production used a 5 speed automatic from 2007 to 2009, then decided to add another forward gear in 2010, making it a 6 speed automatic transmissions. All transmissions offered in the Acura MDX use a feature called “lock up” in the torque converter. It is a subtle fuel saving feature most folks are not even aware of.

I can’t make a recommendation to you online if you have a need for a replacement transmission for your Acura MDX. I can tell you we offer a broad lineup of replacement units, from fully reconditioned/rebuilt transmissions, low mileage used transmissions, even new crate transmissions.

My advise is to call one of our sales experts. Yup, you will get a living, intelligent human being who speaks your language. Meaning everything you need to know will be explained in terms you understand.

Every transmission we offer has a peace of mind guarantee. We build pure value in every rebuilt transmission we sell. Don’t compromise your car or safety. Don’t pay more, call and find out how affordable a rebuilt replacement transmission from costs.

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