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How many companies sell rebuilt ambulance transmissions and feel sincerely confident that your expectations will be exceeded far past anything you expected? Ambulance and tow truck transmissions have to be reliable. Cost is not the issue for the people who do the buying for emergency vehicles in particular. We have rebuilt ambulance transmissions for sale, and they are considerably beefier on the inside than our standard duty rebuilt transmissions.

I’m not discounting tow trucks at all, the people who operate tow trucks put their life in jeopardy every time they hook a car up on the side of the road. And the weather can make it difficult, especially snow, ice, mud, rain, road and wet conditions. And in some cases life or death is a reality.

But lets face it, an ambulance is racing against time to get someone sick or in need of immediate care to a hospital. Would you be upset if your old dad was being rushed to the hospital and the ambulance transmission broke? Without saying it consciously, we know how important getting the patient to the hospital is.

Both types of vehicles benefit from an ambulance transmission. The secret is having the knowledge of knowing which parts should be updated, a job of the astute rebuilder. Understanding the external influences that affect transmission life. When you understand the whole system, it becomes easier and understandable to a well trained transmission specialist how to improve said product.

I’ll expose one important secret to maximum transmission life for any vehicle, although it’s especially important in emergency vehicles. An external, auxiliary transmission cooler, maybe two of them. Sometimes we recommend eliminating the stock transmission cooler and only use two special externally mounted ones. But too much heat is bad news for any automatic transmission.

With that being said, I hope you understand why ambulance transmissions get more beef [and cost a bit more than a stock one]. Actually, the cost is considered to be less than an inferior or stock rebuilt transmission because it outlasts every other type of transmission. Call one of our representatives and see how easy it is to get an ambulance transmission for your personal work truck.

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