Odyssey Reman FWD 6CYL 3.5 Automatic for Sale 

The Honda Odyssey is a luxury minivan produced and offered in America since 1995. It uses a front wheel drive setup called transverse mounting. What that means is the engine and transmissions are located up front. Positioned left to right [east to west] under the hood. Also called a transaxle. Although the search was typed in to Google as Odyssey Rebuilt FWD 6CYL 3.5 Automatic for Sale , we figured out what they really needed.

A transaxle is a transmissions and differential assembly all in one housing. A nice and neat package. Honda’s automatic transmissions are unusual in design. They do not use conventional planetary gears. Instead, the Hondamatic and its successors use sliding gears in parallel like a manual transmission.

Honda initially chose to integrate the transmission and engine block for its first application known as in the Mini.

The Hondamatic incorporated a lockup function, which Honda called a third gear, and had manual gear selection. The company’s early transmissions also used a patented torque converter which used stator force rather than hydraulic controls for shifting.

From 1995 to 2002 the Honda Odyssey used a 4 speed automatic code named ”B7XA. [aka B7TA/B7VA/B7YA/M7ZA/MPZA] or a M6HA; 4-speed [also B6VA/BAXA/MAXA/MDWA/MGRA].

A 5 speed automatic overdrive was offered behind the 3.5L V6. Coded the H5 ; A 5-speed [also B7WA/BAYA/BCLA/BGFA/BGHA/BYBA/M7WA/MAYA/MCLA/MDKA/MGFA/MGHA/MRMA].

As a veteran of the transmission industry for over 30 years, Honda transmissions are very intricate and need an experienced hand to rebuild. This is a transmission that requires extraordinary attention to the parts being 100% factory original, including the automatic transmission fluid.

For the uncompromising rebuilt transmission you deserve for your Van, try one of our precision rebuilt Honda Odyssey transmissions and receive peace of mind too. Every rebuilt transmission has pure value rebuilt right into it.

Call Rebuilttransmissionsforsale.com and find out how affordable one of our rebuilt transmissions is. A minivan like the Honda Odyssey and it’s occupants deserve on of our premium grade rebuilt transmissions. Call now for all of the details.

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