Rebuilt BMW ZF Transmissions for Sale.

BMW has made extensive use of automatic transmissions manufactured by the German Transmission giant, ZF Corporation. If you are interested in ZF’s long history, there is link at the end of this post. BMW chose ZF to supply automatic transmissions because ZF is one of the premier transmission companies in the world. One of our most popular sellers, Rebuilt BMW ZF Transmissions for Sale, call for your everyday affordable price.

Trying to list every application in such a short space is silly. The most popular units were as such:
ZF 5HP-19
ZF 6HP26
ZF 5HP30

The list is endless. Hundreds of transmission variations have been made for every BMW model. Including similar models with different engine, tire, rear axle ratios and other differences considered worthy of making small differences internally, to compensate for different power and performance different ratings in like units.

The issue here is the quality of the rebuilt ZF BMW transmissions. Although one may think a rebuilt transmission is a rebuilt transmission, but that is far from true. Although I believe most companies who offer rebuilt transmissions have good intent. I know that the other companies can not supply you with the quality and world class customer support we can.

Transmission rebuilding is not a fungible item. In simple terms, not all rebuilders, or rebuilding companies use the best parts, employ the best rebuilders, and have the best data available to them.

While this may sound expensive to you, it is actually the opposite. By eliminating potential problems through the process of prevention, a qualified rebuilt transmission is actually quite a value. It lasts longer and will inevitably give you no warranty problems or frustrating issues to deal with.

On the contrary, a cheap or poor rebuild will cost more right from the bat. Warranty issues [which means you have to pay someone to remove the defective transmission again, and pay to install the replacement unit] are expensive and mean your vehicle won’t operate again. You tell me which transmission is more valuable?

The last thing about BMW is; BMW owners demand the best, that is why they purchased the vehicle. Why would a Bimmer owner settle for less than the best?

If you are here looking for information, take your time. If you need a replacement transmission for a BMW with an automatic transmission, Call one of our experts now. offers peace of mind in every rebuilt transmission we sell.

ZF Corporation history

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