Rebuilt Buick LeSabre 4T65E Transmissions for Sale

The 4T65E is a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission designed and manufactured by General Motors for GM cars. Used exclusively in the Buick LeSabre from the late ’90’s and was still being used until the car was discontinued in 2005. Rebuilt Buick LeSabre 4T65E Transmissions for Sale are the best pure value and most effective replacement transmission option available. Call 877-630-3873 right now.

In order to buy a replacement transmission for your Buick LeSabre, it’s important to understand the nature of the beast. First off the LeSabre is a front wheel drive car. Using a very common design setup called Transverse mounting. Almost all of the front wheel drive cars use their own variation of this setup. This is where both the engine and transmission are mounted sideways under your hood.

It is an efficient and reliable setup, using the same casing to house the transmission section and differential section, thus saving weight and space. It’s no wonder every company adopted this arrangement and adjusted it to their specifications. It also eliminates any ”torque pull” on acceleration that longitudinal setups display.

The transmission itself is a refined automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized, having 5 to 8 internal solenoids, depending on the year and engine of said car. It makes use of the TPS [throttle position sensor] and other input signals from areas on the engine and chassis to make real time shifting, downshifting and passing gear decisions for optimum performance and maximum lifespan.

The 4T65E transmission makes use of a ”lock up” torque converter, which is a fuel saving device. Effectively adding another forward speed to your transmission. The lock up circuit in this transmission is one reason it shifts so smoothly and is so trouble free, every other manufacturer is copying the design now. One of the most reliable transmissions made today. Proven over a long period of time. Still being used in other GM cars made past 2005, when the LeSabre was discontinued.

I recommend buying a rebuilt transmission, should you experience a transmission failure. The pricing is very fair and the reward is a transmission that will outperform the original transmission and torque converter combination that came in your car. Better quality rebuilt transmission are a terrific value.

Most Buick owners are not interested in compromise anyway. They best way to buy a replacement transmission is to learn more about the subject. With that in mind, call the specialists at and discuss your needs and budget with a professional. Get the results you pay for and deserve.

Call right now and buy a transmission with pure value built into it and a peace of mind warranty that builds confidence. We offer the right amount of education for you to make a great decision. An educated consumer saves money every time. Call now. @ 877-630-3873

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