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Chevrolet Rebuilt 4-Speed TransmissionChevy is one of the largest manufacturers of 4-speed transmissions in the U.S. These transmissions are distributed to other countries to ensure the highest quality worldwide. Many types of transmissions have been created through the years. Some of the most popular were created from the period of 1985 to 1995. These were years of growth for General Motors and some of the best engineering came from this time period. You’ll find that our Chevy 4-speed transmissions provide you with the value you want in a rebuilt gearbox. You’re always getting high quality units at

Two transmission styles were widely popular for GM. These were the 4T60-E and 4T65-E. These were electro mechanically controlled. These were used in various sedans and other vehicles that used the front wheel drive system. What made these unique is the smooth transition between each gear as an automatic transmission. Most of the manual transmissions did not include electronic shift control systems. These GM transmissions were used in Chevy vehicles and Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick brands. You can find these rebuilt by experts here in our transmission shop. We know how to maintain the OEM specs of what we rebuild to ensure superb quality.

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One good thing about you arriving at our website is the inventory levels you’ll find. We’re not a company that has to use drop shippers or other types of shipment tactics to get you what you want. We constantly rebuild transmissions for sale. This provides us with the inventory that is required to have classic and late model gearboxes available. There are plenty of early 1980 and 1990s units that we have available. We’re a huge resource for many mechanics and auto body shops. There is little that is not found inside of our warehouse. When it’s an automatic 4-speed you need, you can surely find it on this website or by calling us.

Pricing is one of the ways we’ve been able to rise above average sellers. Because our pricing is more than competitive, we’ve carved out quite an area for our website online. There are plenty of sellers of used transmissions. We sell rebuilt ones and keep pricing low. This means that you won’t have to fight with a dealership to lower the price of a new unit. You can get one of our rebuilt ones for a fraction of a new unit. We do this to help all customers. We even make our deals better because we can lower the cost of freight. We know transmissions are a heavy item to send out and we have freight contract companies that provide us discounts.

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It only takes you a couple of seconds to get low sticker pricing here. Fill in the information our transmission quote form requests of you. We take this information and process it fast. You’re generated a price along with other important information about our warranty and shipping costs. It’s equally easy to call into our company using our toll free number. We’ll spend time with you on the phone and amaze you with our pricing.




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