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The Chevy Traverse is a newer vehicle, introduced just a few years ago in late 2009 as a full sized crossover SUV. The only transmission offered is a 6 speed automatic transmissions. To be more accurate it is a transaxle. Chevy Traverse Transmissions for Sale Rebuilt are not unique transmissions, but lots of replacement companies don’t stock them because they are so new, we have them ready to deliver now.

General Motors, Chevy in this case decided on the Hydra-Matic 6T75, a six-speed automatic transmission, an advanced transmission with perfectly timed shifts based an “all clutch type” transmission only [no bands] for front wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

In 2007; called a 6T70 [MH2] automatic transaxle. Coded: MH2. The 2007 model 6T75 codes are: MH6, MH9. The codes are for different engines. It is a transaxle or front wheel drive transmissions, mounted transversely in the chassis, meaning sideways or east to west, opposing the axis of the car.

The transmission’s six-gear configuration allows for a low gear ratio 4.48:1 first gear, which helps the car take off from a stop effortlessly. And an 0.74:1 overdrive sixth gear, which lowers engine rpm, thus saving fuel and engine wear with a high ratio overdrive gear, also reducing noise and vibration. The 6T75 offers automatic grade braking, shift stabilization and precise shift control.

The optional intelligent all-wheel-drive [AWD] power-train system provides increased traction on slippery roads from real time inputs fand critically placed sensors all over the car, thus managing the engine power and torque distribution between the front and rear axles equally, based on factors such as wheel rpm, throttle settings and surface conditions. The driver can concentrate on driving; the system automatically decides how much torque to apply to the proper wheel by delivering it to the wheels that have the best traction.

It seems the need for a replacement transmission for Traverse is not a common problem now, requests are made periodically for rebuilt transmissions for the Chevy Traverse. It is important to be prepared, so you can count on as your only rebuilt transmission company. We are prepared.

A rebuilt transmission offers the finest value for your dollar, and in some cases may be less expensive than a used Traverse transmission. My advise is to call and speak with an expert in this area, get a free education and allow us to help you decide which transmission is in your best interests. Call RebuiltTransmissionsForSale Now.

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