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The 4L80E is a very heavy duty transmission. Initially, in the late ’80’s, when it was introduced, it was selectively used in only 1 ton Chevy and GMC trucks and up. Some times we saw them in motor-homes and emergency vehicles. Although it was a troublesome unit for a few years, lots of the alleged problems were actually mistaken for transmission problems, when the cause of failure or the problem was due to wiring harness problems.

So make sure a real professional with ethics examines it first. Seek professional help. Then, if you need a Rebuilt Chevy GMC 4L80E Transmission for Sale, call

It was not perfect however. It used a lot of parts from the T400, and was very similar in design to the T400 through the first three gears. The 4L80E is a 4 speed overdrive, and the T400 was a three speed non overdrive. As I mentioned, lots of parts were common to both units in the lower 3 gear ranges.

There were some issues that were not caught under warranty in the early models. These problems ARE fixed for good when we rebuild them. Anyway, a lot of folks did not like the 4L80E because they were the unfortunate ones that had failures right out of warranty. The thing about it is GM worked the issues out of this transmission and has used it successfully until recently, if not still in production in something I’m not aware of.

So, when you buy a rebuilt 4L80E from, every approved update has been installed and the parts we use are of a higher grade, making a better 4L80E.

It was also one of the first computerized automatic transmissions. Over the years it has become much more complicated in terms of controls. It’s gone from a simple transmission to a complicated sensitive electronic transmission using a variety of sensors to send signals to the transmission computer, and then to the transmission.
It is a terrific working unit for the time spent perfecting it.

If you are considering which rebuilt 4L80E transmission to buy, buy the best one you can get. Buy one that has a rebuilt torque converter too. Remember that a transmission is too complicated to cut corners on. It always costs more in the long run and in down time if you don’t but the best one the first time.

If you are like me, you like to speak with someone who can answer your questions. We have intelligent human beings answering the phones. Call now and learn more about transmissions. We have plenty of time to explain everything you need to know and make it understandable.

Our goal is to make sure you buy the exact transmission you need. Check out our iron clad warranty and super customer service.

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