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One of the most consistent components made by Dodge Corporation has been their transmissions. Regardless of your opinion of Dodge vehicles, since they came out with the aluminum case Torqueflight [TF] automatic transmission in about 1961, not even a transmission man like myself would argue that. Officially the Ram pickup was introduced in 1981, so all Ram trucks have had the benefit of a TF automatic transmission.

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I want to mention that the Ram has always offered a manual transmission option too. So don’t be shy about asking about manual transmissions for sale either. The manual transmissions were not as popular, though it’s a good option for many people or for many work situations. You won’t find a cheap bearing or gear in our rebuilt manual transmissions. That’s why we cover every transmission with an iron clad guarantee.

The most popular transmission requested for the Ram trucks are the automatic overdrive units. The reason has nothing to do with reliability, simply put, most of the vehicles we supply replacement transmissions for, fall in the year and mileage range that most transmissions wear out, not break down early.

Usually, vehicles between 8 years old to 15 years old are the most popular
recipients, because they fall in the mileage and age range described above. With that in mind, the bulk of transmissions we replace are worn out. Don’t misunderstand me though, plenty of transmissions have an early failures for many reasons, not all of them are in the drivers control.

Chrysler did a remarkable thing. They used the basic 3 speed section of the original TF 3 speed automatic made from about 1961 to about 1990. An overdrive section was designed which literally bolted onto the rear section of the 3 speed portion, therefore adding an overdrive range.

Obviously it’s not that simple, so don’t try this yourself, seek professional help. The new TF’s started with mild computerization, and progressed into very high tech, fully computerized transmissions, receiving commands from many input and output sensors commanding the appropriate shifts at the right time.

Almost every client we speak with is interested in a rebuilt transmission. The reason people seek us out is our rebuilt Ram transmissions, and all of our transmissions for that matter, are not just rebuilt, they are improved. We use factory approved updates and all updated components, which produces a better transmission. You also get a remanufactured Torque Converter too.

This should be very interesting to the person who wants the most value per dollar. Call now and get the details. Our job is to outfit you with the right rebuilt transmission for your needs. Call right now and speak with someone who knows their business.

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