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I don’t blame Dodge for discontinuing the Intrepid. It was not a particularly attractive car, and nothing really distinguished it from the “group” so to speak. Well one thing distinguished it from the “group” for me. I’m a transmission mechanic by trade, and Intrepid transmissions were a lot of trouble. Though it seemed to be a reliable and satisfactory everyday car for the most part.

We receive inquiries everyday from qualified customers wanting desperately to find out if they can buy Dodge Intrepid Transmissions Rebuilt better than the original one, without all of the problems, at an affordable price, with a warranty to prove it. If that is your desire call now, . BTW: Called Transmission Type 42LE [TF606]

Although the car was rather ordinary, it was reliable and solid except for the transmission. A lot of people own Intredpid’s who are not really style sensitive, and enjoy the car. In that case, it would be foolish to get rid of a perfectly good car, at a time when the economy is bad. You can beat the bad economy by buying and installing a freshly rebuilt transmission, as opposed to a knee jerk reaction and buying another car.

In fact, our customers feedback is very clear. Almost 100 percent of them call back to thank us and let us know the original transmission never worked so good. How do we do that? Other than the basics of 100% dis-assembly and surgical clean up, lots of outdated or parts are trashed for updated parts. The real difference maker is called a recalibration kit.

The calibration kit takes care of shift timing issues, provides more lubrication to the internal parts, which helps cool it down, and adds a more aggressive shift feel to the lock up torque converter, eliminating the shutter, chatter feeling or washboard feeling at 45 to 50 miles per hour.

Of course, supplies a top grade rebuilt torque converter as part of the job. The torque converter has a lock up clutch in it, a feature that adds fuel mileage and reduces engine wear.

Don’t fall for the old line usually in small print “torque converter and hard parts extra”. We have no interest in fooling you. My staff of salespeople are well trained to listen to your problems and provide a solution in terms that make sense to you. We want you to understand why our products outperform our competitions products at fair prices.

Don’t forget the TF 606 is a front wheel drive transmission. Make sure you check the engine and transmission mounts while the transmission is out. It sure will save a lot of work and money in the long run. Call RebuiltTransmissionsForSale now for more free tips with your rebuilt Dodge Intrepid transmission.

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