Dodge Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Dodge Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale | Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale DodgeAsk any auto mechanic and they will tell you that a quality Dodge transmission is often just as important as a great engine. Searching the Internet for Dodge rebuilt transmissions for sale can lead to a lot of dead ends. Every junkyard and scrap yard in the U.S. can put their inventory online. How do you know what company to trust? We make the answer to that question simple. Our rebuilt transmissions are not used. You can buy used anywhere, but how many dealers actually rebuild these from the ground up? We hire expert transmission builders to do all of our Dodge transmission work to give you the best transmission your money can buy.

You can literally spend hours of your free time online and still not find the confidence that you need in a seller to make a purchase. We hope to change that scenario. We buy clean transmissions with low mileage on them. We have these transmissions shipped directly to our facility where we start with a visual inspection. A Dodge transmission can appear to be in mint condition on the outside and when the inside is opened it could be a real problem. It is important that when buying transmissions online that a dealer explains to you what you are paying for when you buy one.

36-Month Parts Warranty with Our Transmissions

The rebuild will tell us the condition of a transmission and what we need to do to restore it to full functionality. Many transmissions are pulled from leased cars, trucks and SUVs making them a great buy for your money. We open each one and make sure there is no oil sludge or gears that are busted. Just one bent gear can cause grinding and shorten the life of any transmission. Our Dodge transmission experts know this and make sure that every part is inspected and changed accordingly. What you end up with is a totally rebuilt transmission that includes our 36-month parts warranty. You always get what you pay for at

We are asked quite often about our actual inventory. Here is a small sample of the transmissions we have in stock:

• 41TE | 62TE Avenger
• 31TH | Caravan
• 42RLE | Challenger
• 42RLE | Charger
• KM176-5 | Colt
• 46RE | 45RFE Durango
• 42LE | Intrepid
• 42RH | Dakota
• 44RE | Dakota
• 41TE | 40TE Stratus

We have hundreds of Dodge rebuilt transmissions for sale in stock and ready to ship. Our prices are low for a good reason. We know that our customers want to save as much money as possible on swaps and replacements. That’s why we’re here to help.

Fast Quote for Dodge Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Get your quote fast when you call 1-877-630-3873. If you don’t want to call, it’s totally OK with us. We let you get your quote online. Just use the Dodge transmission quote form to the right of the page and give us your information. We don’t ask a lot of questions and your information is safe. We deliver our low price to your email. Get ready to be shocked by our transmission prices.



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We have one of the largest inventories of transmissions in the country. Don't see the one you are looking for? Call us today to get it!