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One of the most successful American compact cars is the Ford Focus. It’s not particularly fancy, it’s job is to get you from point A to point B in an economical and safe manner. It is an economy car with nothing very fancy trim wise, just the necessities. One reason for such good economy are the transmissions Ford chose to use.

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If you have an interest in the transmissions offered in the Focus, here is a rundown. The first generation Focus was introduced in America in late 1999 [2000 model year] and was produced until 2007. Ford offered several transmissions in the North American versions. Ford Focus’s are front wheel drive cars.

As with any car, each successive model becomes more modern and is designed to compete and meet the demands of the current market, so it stands to reason that the first Focus transmissions were not as complicated or had as many functions to them as a newer model Focus.

For instance the first and second generation Focus used fairly common 4 speed manual shift transmissions, and 4 or 5 speed automatic transmissions. As the car progressed to it’s final generation [gen 3 2010-on], it required more complicated transmissions with more forward speeds to exact even more economy out of them.

To make a point here, it’s important to note the Ford Focus is built on a front wheel drive/front engine chassis. We commonly call it a transverse design.¬† For those interested, the engine/transmission combo is mounted sideways under the hood. An axle protrudes out of each front wheel well to the respective front wheel. The front wheels actually pull the car, as opposed to a rear wheel drive, which pushes the car.

This arrangement is very popular in every brand of car, and the reason is that this setup uses much less space and makes front wheel drive very reliable and driver friendly.

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