Rebuilt Ford Ranger Transmissions for Sale

Ford Ranger Transmissions for Sale A4LD

Ford Ranger Transmissions for Sale A4LD

The Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck introduced in 1983 and is still being made today. It may be the longest running compact truck on the market, certainly the longest running American compact truck. Obviously it is very successful, but one thing I can say with authority is they had transmission problems.

The Ranger has been through 4 generations of design changes. The early models used simple automatic transmissions which were actually quite reliable, especially the manual transmissions used. The list of manual transmissions is ridiculous if you look at all the options available. In case you are interested here is a full list of manual transmission made from 1983 to 1988:
4-speed Toyo Kogyo TK4
5-speed Toyo Kogyo TK5
5-speed Mitsubishi FM132
5-speed Mitsubishi FM145
5-speed Mitsubishi FM146
5-speed Mazda M5OD-R1

As a lifelong transmission mechanic, replacement manual transmissions are a really complicated subject only a few people can really decipher the ID codes in terms of replacement units. is reliable and affordable, call 877-630-3873 right now.

I don’t think Ford made a viable automatic transmission for the Ranger until 1998. The current generation of Rangers. The earliest units offered called: C3, C5 and A4LD were not particularly good transmissions. The A4LD was one of Fords early attempts at an automatic overdrive transmission for midsize cars and trucks.

Basically the A4LD was a C3 with an overdrive bolted on to the frontĀ  case section. The C3 was not so good either. There is good news, the news is upon rebuilding an early model Ranger transmission, it is greatly improved. Excellent updated parts and reprogramming kits have been introduced to the rebuilding field and have cured the early issues. The costs are very low for a rebuilt transmission and the value is high.

The truth is the newest automatic overdrive transmissions used in the Ranger are still a knockoff of the A4LD. Very much advanced with the right updates included from the factory. The new units have more forward gears and other features for more fuel economy like a lock up torque converter.

The newer units are refereed to as: 4R55E and 5R55E. Both are highly computerized, electronic transmissions commanded by input sensors mounted all over the vehicles chassis, engine and transmission.

If you own a Ranger and need a Ford Ranger Transmission for Sale, take a few minutes to call the specialists at and speak with a living intelligent human being who can help you decide how to choose the right transmission for your personal interests. Call now 877-630-3873.

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