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Do you own a Ford Taurus? Are you interested in a Ford Taurus replacement transmission? Most likely, you Googled “Ford Taurus Transmissions for Sale” and found our website. That is what I do when I want to buy something, I Google it first and learn as much as possible before I do any ordering.

The most important thing a company should provide right off the bat is information. Information is power, the more you know about transmissions, the better decision you will make. does exactly that. Supplying realistic real world information you can use to decide which replacement transmission suits the year Taurus you own and your personal interests.

The Taurus has been in production a staggering 26 years. That spells success. The Taurus is a front wheel drive car with a transverse mounting system. What that means is the engine and transmission are mounted up front sideways under the hood. By far the most popular setup for front wheel drive cars.

Ford has stuck with a certain design of transmission since its inception. The original transmission was called an AXOD.  AXOD is an abbreviation for Automatic, [X] Front Wheel Drive, Over Drive.

Throughout the different generations and design changes, this same transmission was used in updated versions coinciding with the year of said car. The truth is that this was a troublesome transmission. As a veteran transmission specialist, this transmission, which was used in other midsize front wheel drive Ford cars also, was not very reliable. Not only that, there was slew of small and irritating problems to go along with unreliability.

Ford improved each succeeding variation and finally designed the problems out by the early years in the twenty first century. For instance, the succeeding models of transmissions became more computer oriented. More and more functions were being controlled by the commuter, which absolutely has to checked if  you have a car with a transmission failure and a computerized transmission.

Called: 4 speed AXOD-E, 4 speed AX4N, 4 speed AX4S, 6 speed 6F transmission. The 6F is a cooperative venture between GM and Ford to design a new transaxle for front wheel drive [transverse] cars. The idea was to combine design and research to save money. Each manufacturer produces their version in their factory.

Each unit has an additional feature called lockup, which is a subtle gas saving feature built into the torque converter, which is electronically activated.

We offer a variety of variations in replacement transmission choices. I have to mention that our rebuilt transmissions incorporate a variety of approved updates which eliminate the inherent problems in the early units. Which makes our transmissions a terrific value, especially since our pricing is so low.

If a used transmission is more appealing, take a minute to call a living human being who speaks your language. How to choose the right transmission for your best interests in terms you will understand. Call right now 877-630-3873.

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