Rebuilt C4 Transmissions For Vintage Mustangs

While the demand is low nowadays, it’s important that you know we can supply Rebuilt C4 Transmissions For Vintage Mustangs that will replace the original one perfectly. Of course the C4 was used in every mid sized and smaller Ford product, including the F 150 truck too. In my opinion it was the first compact, light weight, modern automatic transmission that worked excellently.

Here is a bit of Ford trivia. Actually it’s not trivial at all. The parts identification system I’m going to describe is still used today. Ford designates parts numbers by using a letter to designate the decade. For instance, the “C” in C4 stands for the decade of the ’60’s. The number next to the C [said decade] is the year the part or component was made. So, the 4 means the 4th year of the 6th decade. Hence: C4=1964.

It’s a solid and logical numbering system. It’s not unusual to get inquiries for C4 tranny’s. It is a 3 speed automatic transmission using a band for second gear, and a band for reverse. Having 2 clutch packs. One is called the forward clutch, which engages when the car is put in D. The other clutch pack is for 3rd gear when the vehicle is going forward. It also is used in reverse for added holding power.

It’s a marvelous unit. Very efficient shifts and unusually long lifespan. To be quite honest, the reason I became a transmission man in the 70’s was to support a bad habit of breaking the C4 transmission in my 1966 Shelby Mustang. If you are thinking the Shelby’s came with 4 speeds, you are mostly correct.

Shelby American in the 60’s was partially owned by Hertz Rental Car Company. Shelby built a line of Mustangs for Hertz, to be used as rental cars. These particular cars came with an automatic transmission. A little known truth, but it’s a fact. Because the car used a 289 motor, the C4 was chosen.

If you are looking for a C4 transmission, then a rebuilt transmission is all you will find. Having been out of production for about 25 years [approx], a used unit is out of the question. Automatic transmissions use lots of soft parts. Parts made of rubber and gasket material are susceptible to decay from time. Rubber and paper decay and change characteristics, which affects the hydraulics of the transmission, and thus the performance.

Not only do the above components deteriorate, lots of small parts have to be replaced to bring the entire unit back to specs. Small items like little springs in the valve body [the brain of the transmission] need replacing too. The springs lose their springiness over time also.

That being said, a correctly rebuilt C4 is probably one of the least expensive transmissions to rebuild. It’s so simple compared to the 5, 6, 7, and even 8 speed transmissions used in modern cars.

You don’t have to own a Mustang to need a rebuilt C4. They were used in the Torino, Pinto, Crown Victoria, Comet, Falcon and many other Ford products. Need the best rebuilt C4 transmission made? Call and speak with an authority about your issues. We build pure value into every transmission that leaves here. Call right now.

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