Ford AX4S Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Ford AX4S Rebuilt Transmissions for SaleThe original 4-speed transmission by Ford that was introduced in the mid ’80s for passenger cars was named the AXOD. This was particularly designed for front-wheel drive cars and was the last of the transmissions that did not use electronic controls. The AXOD was redesigned in the early 1990s and was named the AX4S. This new design was used mostly in the Taurus, Lincoln, Mercury and Windstar models that were big sellers in the 1990s. We have these Ford AX4S rebuilt transmissions waiting in our inventory for sale around the world. When you put one of these transmissions in your automobile, they are built to last and give you long-term value.

Although Ford went on to produce several models past the AX4S, it was eventually retired and the 6F series has taken its place as the go-to automatic version. One thing you can count on with a rebuilt transmission is the number of miles that you can put on them. A used transmission will always be used and there is no way to know exactly what type of war and tear it has went through. These are usually the same price as a rebuilt one and many customers choose to have us rebuild transmissions that they will buy. Our value, commitment and super low price is hard to compete with in the auto parts market.

OEM Built Ford AX4S Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

All of the parts that go inside of a rebuilt transmission that is put together in our facility are genuine. We take out the worn out Ford parts and start the procedures for cleaning them. If any parts need a replacement, OEM parts are used for the installation and these are checked for accuracy. One thing we are certain about when it comes to rebuild jobs is the way that transmissions work when they leave our shop. We would put our rebuilt versions up against anything that Ford puts into their new vehicles. This is how confident we are in our job well done.

When you are searching for a reliable 4-speed transmission, search no further than our company and this website. We are honest and genuine people that care about the parts that you install in your car. We work hard to find the best price point that works out well for our customers and still lets us carry on selling the best rebuilt transmissions we can. We are able to ship each┬átransmission┬ádirectly from our shop straight to your door in a few days. We work fast but never reduce our quality. Each AX4S transmission that is rebuilt and then put out for sale bares our name and we don’t take that lightly.

Ford AX4S Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale Price Quote

It’s easy here at to get the lowest online pricing. We use a Ford quote system for all of our transmissions for sale. This simplifies the process and will never waste your time. Enter in the AX4S details and what you get is a super low price that is surprising. Call our staff at 1-877-630-3874 if you want your quote over the phone. It’s just as fast.


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