Rebuilt 4L80E Transmission for Sale

Th 4l80E is one of the large breed of transmissions designed by General Motors and used primarily in the GMC 3500 trucks and Chevrolet 3500 1 ton pickups. Some of the full sized SUV’s had the 4L80E as well. Without very many exceptions, our customers want our rebuilt 4L80E transmission for sale as a replacement when the time comes. Word of mouth is our best advertisement.

Some of our best customers are large fleet services with multiple vehicles. The people who arrange for transmission repairs like to do business with us. First off we have won their trust already by always proving a superior product, and getting it there in a rush. That’s important [in a rush] to any business owner, and just as important to the mom running her kids around, or the dad who has to get to work.

The feed back from fleet service managers is as such; ” sells us transmissions and service that more than pays for itself. The cost of the product is not important, we get so many trouble free miles out of their rebuilt transmissions that in the end, these are very inexpensive for our company.”

Let me make this very clear, what I said above is a typical example of a happy customer. The truth is the largest part of our business is the public [you], and independent repair shops who do top of the line transmission exchanges. We have always sold a tremendous amount of rebuilt transmissions to the public, folks who have the ability to properly exchange their old transmission for one of our fresh rebuilt units.

Our customers who own GM vehicles with the 4L80E automatic overdrive transmission simply can’t stop raving about the improved performance experienced from the first time it shifts through the gears. That is well before they even realize the improved durability that comes from uncompromising quality in labor and parts.

Questions? We have a staff member ready to answer your call, located right here in America ready to answer your questions and provide the type of information you will understand in order to purchase the correct rebuilt transmission for your budget and needs. Call now for free consultation and quote.

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