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I’m very familiar with the Honda Accord transmissions, the automatic transmissions in particular. If you ever need to consider buying Honda Accord Transmissions for Sale, don’t take it lightly. Honda transmissions are outstanding units, but not everyone can rebuild one the right way.

The Accord has been around since 1976 and is still introduction. It’s in the ninth generation now. Honda produces an unusual automatic transmission design. Even in the first generation Accord which offered a 2 speed automatic, a 3 speed automatic transmission and a 5 speed manual transmission, the automatics still use the same base design.

The Accord is a front wheel drive car, called transverse mounting system, the engine and transmission are located under the hood mounted sideways. Honda’s automatic transmissions use multiple clutch packs, sprag clutches and what seems to look like manual transmission gears and sliders to change gears. Being an automatic, there is a brain which is called the valve body that makes the commands to shift, etc.

Depending on the year of your Accord may determine which transmission suits yours the best. Realistically speaking, used transmissions for models much older than 10 years may be hard to come by. However, we have a prime selection of good, used certified transmissions for newer models. Buying a used transmission for a newer model is more realistic, and extremely cost effective.

You can trust our used units too, everyone is pretested and certified in writing to be in perfect operating order and not leak oil. Our warranty proves our confidence. Ask about it when you call.

A rebuilt transmission for one of the older Accords is really well priced. Some of the good pricing is because the transmission is very simple, even so, you can’t cut corners on parts and the automatic transmission fluid used. Factory/dealership is the only place to buy it. No parts stores have the REAL thing.

Of course some people are not willing to sacrifice anything, in this case a rebuilt transmission becomes the lowest cost option considering the mileage per dollar returned, and lack of problems during and after warranty. It’s important to mention that every transmission has to be maintained properly, and on time. NOTE: The transmission fluid needs to be changed ASAP if the engine overheats too.

The last viable option is a unique value to owners of Japanese cars. JDM transmissions. From the Japanese Domestic Market. You need to call one of my experts for a detailed description and cost. 877-630-3877.

The best advice I can give out is to call and speak to someone who really knows their business. Discuss your Accord transmission problem with an expert and use your new knowledge to purchase the exact right transmission for you. Call right now.

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