Go Green Buy A Rebuilt Isuzu Axiom Transmission

I have a few reasons for recommending rebuilt transmissions. Other than it’s been my experience that no other form of replacement transmission has the ability to offer so much value. For instance my wife’s friend has an Isuzu Axiom and asked me about how to handle the matter. FYI: I an a 30 plus year veteran of the transmission industry.

I said you have such a nice car, get it fixed, Go Green Buy A Rebuilt Isuzu Axiom Transmission from RebuiltTransmissionsForSale.com, and save money and the earth. Call now and talk to professional. Get a great price and feel the peace of mind.

One major reason to buy our rebuilt transmissions is that they can’t be beat in terms of cost to value, one of the other reasons I encourage this form of transmission is it is GREEN. Instead of trashing your old transmission, and allowing it to rot in a junk yard leaching oils and coolants into the ground, you are saving the earth by reusing the main components of the old transmission.

The Axiom uses a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission for front engine/ rear wheel drive/four wheel drive vehicles. Called a longitudinal mounting system. It is basically the same system all longitudinal setups use, with an Isuzu twist. The transmission has four forward gears, plus a feature called “lock up”. This is an electric feature in the torque converter designed to add a few miles per gallon on the highway.

Even though the Axiom only had a three year production run, from 2002 to 2004, the transmission is very common in other Isuzu products. Though transmission failures are rare in said vehicle, it’s very important to buy the best replacement you can get. Because you are making a sizable investment, buying the best product is much cheaper in the long or short run.

Rebuilt products are green. All of the oils and parts that contaminate the environment are responsibly removed. Many of the main components, ones which should not go bad are reused, which is green. Though, most of the parts are disposed of responsibly during the process since the bulk of parts are changed.

Do yourself a favor today, call an expert transmission salesperson and ask the questions no one else will answer truthfully. Not only do we offer one of the best warranties on the market, but our customer service is geared to make you a happy and loyal customer for life. RebuiltTransmissionsForSale.com.

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