Rebuilt Import Transmissions at Affordable Prices

 Rebuilt Import Transmissions at Affordable Prices

Rebuilt Import Transmissions at Affordable Prices

Even if you own an imported car, how do you know it does not have an American made transmission? Believe it or not, some American cars are built on Imported car chassis, and therefore use a foreign transmission. It’s a “global” automotive world now. So you never really know whats hooked to the engine until it’s actually checked out.

When we receive calls for Rebuilt Import Transmissions at Affordable prices, it is necessary to decipher the information first in order to determine what transmission fits said car. Of course you can call and ask a professional. Call for free. All you need is your registration.

Imported cars come from Germany, France, Japan, North Korea, France, Sweden and more places. It becomes very difficult to determine which cars use import transmissions and which ones use domestic units. Plus, if an import brand of car uses an American made transmission [because they have a relationship with a American car company], well is that an Import unit or not?

All of these questions can be efficiently and accurately answered in no time by the pros at Our representatives have extensive hands on transmission experience. We also hire reps. who are trained to listen to your problem so we can recommend the right replacement variation.

The most popular option, which is why we are specialists in this area, are rebuilt transmissions for import cars. It’s not that they are so different in design, because most transmissions work off the same theory of function.

For the cost of a properly rebuilt transmission, you end up spending less per mile in the long run. Considering the costs are quite reasonable in the first place, it’s make this a win-win situation. You get a rebuilt transmission with all of the latest updates, any re-designed parts and a rebuilt torque converter. It’s a full rebuilt transmission. No gimmicks, no add ons.

Some companies advertise low prices, only to “add on” things like a remanufactured torque converter.

That is outright dishonest and a good setup for failure. Every rebuilt transmission needs a rebuilt torque converter. Don’t waste your time on a company like that.

Spend a few minutes and call now and receive as much free info as you need to make the perfect decision. Enjoy our world class customer service and find out why is: “Where Our customers Send Their Friends”. Call right now. And have your registration ready, it has the VIN on it [vehicle identification number].

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