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The first Infinity I became acquainted with was in the mid ’90’s. I don’t remember the model. You need to know that I’m a 30 plus year veteran of automotive transmissions, and owned a shop from 1982 to 2006, when I sold it. The embarrassing part was I did not know at the time Infinity was a luxury Nissan brand.

The transmission was, as we called it, trashed. The car was not drivable, so we had to do the best diagnosis we could without a road test. We received permission from our customer to remove it and estimate the repairs. She gave us an approval to rebuild the transmission. She trusted us 100 percent, and knew we had Affordable Rebuilt Infinity Transmissions for Sale with a great guarantee.

I don’t want to drag this out because I have not gotten to my diagnostic story. The transmission was rebuilt with the best parts available, all known factory approved updates and a valve body recalibration kit. Simply put, the best rebuilt Infinity transmission at any price.

Once the rebuild was completed, my expert installer put it back in the car and rechecked everything and made it ready for a road test. I took the car out and it only shifted from 1st gear to 2nd gear. The thing that stood out about this car, and still to this day was the unbelievable smooth and quite ride. Never had I driven a quieter car.

The main point is we/I had more diagnostic work to do. Not being able to drive the vehicle left me at a disadvantage diagnostically speaking. After spending a fair amount of time it was determined that an external switch, not actually transmission part, but related very closely had failed. It is called the inhibitor switch. It was not allowing the car to upshift past second gear.

Normally, you would notice in short time that an average car was not upshifting and a problem had occurred. This car is so smooth that the lady did not notice. She travelled to work about 40 miles away on the highway at speeds of 70 to 80 miles per hour in 2nd gear for weeks. The only thing she noticed was her gas mileage dropped off.

By driving it in 2nd gear for so long it destroyed her transmission. If she had noticed her tachometer was not reading the usual RPM’s at 70 mph or anything to clue her into getting it examined before the failure occurred, it may have cost her thousands of dollars less.

My point here is to know what your gauges do and respond if one seems out of range, or if you lose 5 miles per gallon in economy immediately. If you notice something, seek professional help. Something is wrong.

I’m out of the rebuilding business now. Yet if I had to recommend the best outfit to buy an Affordable Rebuilt Infinity Transmissions for Sale, it would be

You can call them up and speak to a living sales rep who speaks the right language, in terms you will be able to make sense of. Buy the absolute best value in rebuilt Infinity transmissions and get a peace of mind guarantee that proves it. Our gaol is to provide enough education so YOU can make the best decision.

Call to have your most difficult questions answered. Our customer service is outstanding and we ship or deliver within 24 hours of order completion.

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