Best Value Rebuilt Transmissions for Lexus 470 [UZF100]

The LX line from Lexus is a full sized SUV in it’s third generation, all based on the rugged, long running Toyota Land Cruiser. Debuting in 1996 as Lexus’ first entry into the SUV market. Good choice as far as I’m concerned. The LX 470 was made from 1998 to 2002, also referred to as the UZJ100. Using the same transmissions and driveline as the Land Cruiser.

Keeping it as simple as possible, only 2 automatic overdrive transmissions are available for this model. Both are fully computerized, electronically activated transmissions, with a lock up torque converter. Our line of best value rebuilt transmission for Lexus 470 [UZF100] are on sale everyday, no gimmicks.

The 4 speed automatic transmission is a 4 speed electronically controlled automatic transmission [A343F] found in the Lexus 470 and later 80-series and early 100-series [1998 – 2002 in the US] Land Cruisers. Made by Aisn Warner, it’s a longitudinal transmission, which means the engine and transmission are bolted together in the front of the vehicle, with a driveshaft extending to the rear and front differentials to transmit the power.

Longitudinal means the engine and transmission run along the axis of the car. North to south. Not what we call, a front wheel drive car.

The 5 speed transmission is very similar to the 4 speed model with an extra forward gear. Called the A750F, it is used in the 4×4 models [four wheel drive] only. Here is brief list of the Toyota and Lexus vehicles that use it:
• 2003+ 4Runner (4×4)
• 2005-2009 Tacoma (V6 4×4)
• 2009 FJ Cruiser (Canada V6 4×4)
• 2003-2009 GX 470 (4×4)
• 2003-2007 LX 470 (4×4)
• 2005- Land Cruiser Prado 3.0 D4D (4×4) European version
• 2005 – Fortuner 4.0L

Both transmissions use a feature called “lock up”. Which is an electronically activated clutch in the torque converter that when applied, adds about 2-4 miles per gallon to your fuel mileage on the highway. It’s like another forward gear.

Deciding to buy a rebuilt transmission is a good decision. Especially one rebuilt by us. By buying one of our rebuilt units, you are being GREEN. Yup, a rebuilt transmission is, in a certain sense recycled. The big heavy hard parts are not designed to wear out, so instead of junking the whole transmission, and allowing it to leach ATF into the earth, lots of parts are recycled and machined to tolerance, not contaminating our earth by throwing it out.

The last thing to think of is this. A rebuilt transmission for your Lexus 470 delivers so much reliable, peace of mind service, it practically costs nothing per mile of usage. It’s a wise decision to call the specialists at and get the education you need in order to make a sold decision.

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