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Jeeps weren’t built for Sunday driving. They’re built to stand up to heavy hauling, rugged terrain and high performance off-roading. But your Jeep transmission does have its limits. And if your spirit is tougher than your Jeep, then you’ll eventually wind up in the shop in need of a new transmission. Luckily, this isn’t the end of the world.
While burning out your Jeep transmission in the first few years of ownership isn’t quite par for the course, it happens. But it doesn’t mean your Jeep is trashed. It still has a durable engine with thousands of miles left on it as well as other valuable, vital components that make trading it in or junking it economically irresponsible. Especially when you get a Jeep transmission direct from
If you’ve already done the math and decided that rebuilding or replacing our Jeep transmission isn’t within your price range, we invite you to run those numbers again with us. We work differently than your local dealer or mechanic because we get our parts direct. We don’t work with middlemen who mark up each transmission to exorbitant rates or charge extra for supposedly “hard to find” transmissions. Instead, we tap a vast network of nationwide Jeep auto parts dealers who are looking for direct buyers for their rebuilt, remanufactured, new and used Jeep transmissions. Oftentimes, we can get better prices, a wider selection and faster delivery than anything our customers have tried before.
And on that note, might we suggest that you upgrade to a higher performance Jeep transmission while you’re at it? Depending on what went wrong with your last transmission, you may be able to save even more money down the road by getting the right part for your driving habits. We can help with this too. We’re Jeep enthusiasts just like you, and with our years of experience, we can find you the best part for your vehicle at a price that you can’t say no to. Just give us a call with your make and model (or better yet, your VIN number) and we’ll get you started.
Before you go ahead with that expensive repair, before you cut your losses on your Jeep, please give us a call. Our consultations are free and the opportunity to talk shop with someone who loves their Jeep as much we do genuinely brightens our day. It’ll take just a few minutes and we just might save you a truckload of cash.

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