Nissan Sentra transmissions rebuilt to perfection

The Nissan Sentra is practically a legend. It has been made steadily on American soil since 1982. With nearly a 30 year production run, it’s safe to say it has been a success as a front wheel drive, front engine compact car. The original Sentra’s were actually sub compact cars, they have grown up over the years. We have a lot of top quality Rebuilt Sentra Transmissions for sale at affordable prices, call right now.

All Nissan Sentra’s use a front wheel drive setup. It’s built on Nissan chassis: Nissan B Platform. A Nissan Sentra transmission rebuilt to perfection is your best value in replacement transmissions. Nothing else provides the same pure value. Save time and save money, call right now, if you are looking for a Rebuilt Transmission.

1. Gen. 1 Nissan Sentra B 11 1982 to 1986
2. Gen. 2 Nissan Sentra B 12 1985 to 1990
3. Gen. 3 Nissan Sentra B 13/SE-R 1991 to 1994
4. Gen. 4 Nissan Sentra B 14 1995 to 1999
5. Gen. 5 Nissan Sentra B 15 2000 to 2006
6. Gen. 6 Nissan Sentra B 16 2007 and on.

Called multiple compound planetary gears, with multi-clutch plates, clutch packs and in some cases 1 band and some cases 2 bands. These are automatic transmissions. Some are automatic overdrive transmissions, and some have lock up torque converters. All are transaxles.

A transaxle is a drive unit with the transmission and rear differential together in the same housing, making it lighter in weight and smaller in size, thus fitting in a smaller area, and adding to the efficiency of the car by weighing less. Over 95 percent of front wheel drive cars use the transverse system I’m referring to.

Transverse mounting systems are not new. It is for front wheel drive only cars, and all wheel drive cars where the transmission is mounted up front, east to west, or sideways under the hood. This is opposed to the front engine/rear wheel drive arrangements larger vehicles use. Like trucks and large SUV type vehicles. Like the Pathfinder.

The early transaxles were almost entirely hydraulic in operation. Over the years, Nissan transmissions have become more advanced and now use computers to command operation. Using sensors and input components all over the car, and electrical solenoids and pressure motors inside the transmission to command the perfect shift in real time for any driving condition.

Most units have a feature called ”lock up”, which in essence is another forward speed. Lock up is an electronically activated clutch plate inside the torque converter, eliminating any slippage and increasing fuel mileage. Most cars have lock up. Make sure you get a rebuilt torque converter with your rebuilt transmission. Every automatic transmission we sell has a rebuilt torque converter. Lock up, or not.

If you need more information on rebuilt transmissions, then give us a call and speak with a qualified professional. Every transmission we sell comes with a peace of mind warranty. Call right now.

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