Rebuilt Aisin 450-43LE Transmissions for sale

Aisin transmissions are manufactured by Aisin Seiki and AW Inc., jointly established in 1969, then becoming a joint venture between Borg Warner and Aisin Seiki in 1987. In 2005 Aisin AW passed General Motors as the largest manufacturer of automatic transmissions. Not a car transmission, trucks, SUV’s and medium duty vehicles use the Aisin 450-43LE transmissions for sale, which is a featured unit.

Listing every auto manufacturer, car and transmission type Aisin has made is a waste of time. That info is readily available on Wiki.

Getting to the point of this post, the AW 450-43LE is a 4 speed rear wheel drive automatic transmission with a lock up torque converter [longitudinal; as in north to south; as in with a driveshaft]. It is used by several light to medium duty and meduim duty truck makers like Isuzu in the RNJ, Isuzu in the NPR and NPR-HD, the Nissan UD, and several Toyota trucks and SUV’s.

Made from 1998 and up, this was a replacement for the earlier Jatco transmission which was less durable. Designed for use in heavy duty SUV’s such as the Landcruiser and Isuzu NPR series trucks for long life under extreme service. I’m sure you have seen the NRP trucks, they are medium sized cube vans, often used for lawn services and delivery vehicles.

One of the keys to long life in this vehicle is maintenance. It is absolutely mandatory to use a Synthetic factory blended automatic transmission fluid [ATF], or your looking at a premature failure. No cheating.

It is very modern using a full array of high technology electronics to control every function of operation. Electronic controls allow for certain operations to perform inside the transmission in a more efficient manner. Not always noticeable upon a drive, but noticeable in the extra life delivered to you.

Aisin has a lot of practice making quality transmissions. It’s not our job to re engineer a successful top notch product when we rebuild it. However, we use a simple to install [during the rebuilding process], reprogramming update kit. Made by the oldest transmission research and development company in the business,
solving any factory deficiencies and improving certain functions, thus producing a better product than new.

If you demand this type of rebuilt transmission for your vehicle, then we are your company. Every rebuilt transmission for sale has pure value and affordability rebuilt right into it. We know the pain involved in not being able to use your truck. Allow us to cure it. Call now and find out why we are so popular with professional drivers and build peace of mind in all of our customers. Call now.

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