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The Buick LaCrosse was introduced in September of 2004 and is currently in production. It is tagged as a mid sized luxury sedan. Buick replaced several other models with the LaCrosse. Only one transmission has been offered in the LaCrosse. Rebuilttransmissionsforsale.com has Buick Lacrosse transmissions for sale at the right price.

Called the 4T65-E, it was designed to replace the 4T60-E automatic transaxle. A transaxle indicates this is a front wheel drive car. More to the point, we call it a transverse mounted engine/transmission setup. A very common and successful setup nowadays.

The 4L65-E is a heavy duty version of the 4T60-E. It is a fully computerized automatic overdrive transaxle with an electronic torque converter. A lock up [electronic] torque converter is like an extra gear, it saves fuel and engine wear. Another very common feature on all modern cars.

Starting in 2003 the internal electronics were updated, a hardened 4th gear shaft, was added, and a ratcheting one-way sprag clutch for more holding power and 3rd gear lock up were added.

4T65-E Models:
• M15 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter
• MN3 — 258 mm (10.2 in) torque converter
• MN7 — 258 mm (10.2 in) torque converter and heavy-duty gearbox
• MD7 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter [Chinese only]
• M76 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter [ all-wheel drive capability only]

The LaCrosse used the M15 model for the most part. Should you be in the unfortunate and painful situation where you are scanning the market for a rebuilt 4T65-E or even a 4T60-E transmission, the rebuilt transmissions by RebuiltTransmissionsforSale.com are scrupulously rebuilt using the finest components and all approved factory and aftermarket updates, proving you with a better product and providing each customer with peace of mind.

There is no more affordable way to get your car back on the road. When you look at the big picture, why would you sacrifice anything when it comes down to replacing the transmission on a relatively new car? The odds suggest most failures are not the transmission in essence, but maybe a system related to said transmission.

Call one of our representatives and find out what systems need to be checked as well in order to make sure your rebuilt transmission is a total success. RebuiltTransmissionsforSale.com sells pure value and total confidence with every rebuilt GM transmissions. Call now for your free low price quote.

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