Rebuilt Ford 4R100 Transmissions for Sale

One of the transmissions that benefits tremendously from a quality rebuild job is the Ford 4R100 automatic overdrive transmission. this is one of the new generations of highly complex computerized transmissions. Emanating from the E4OD [electronic, 4 speed, over drive] which was somewhat less complicated. The E4OD came from the venerable C6 3 speed non-overdrive automatic Ford transmission. You need one? We got rebuilt Ford 4R100 Transmissions for Sale at seriously low prices.

Structurally speaking the 4R100 is built like the immortal Hulk Hogan [professional wrestler-Google him]. It has the equivalent of huge muscles and tremendous pulling power. Unlike hulk hogan, it needs some improvements to be the brute it has the ability to be. Meaning that it will be able haul the maximum capacities recommended by the factory all day long with peace of mind.

The secret has nothing to do with the structural integrity, it has more to do with how the transmission thinks, shifts and cools down. By using factory original quality rebuilding components we are keeping it’s integrity intact. Factory parts like clutch plates and bands are the best. Raybestos used to make the frictions for Ford transmissions, and may still do it. Raybestos is a premium part.

The secret I’m getting at is a reprogramming update kit. Designed by a research and development company that only makes excellent upgrade products for automatic transmissions, it is one of the things that separates our rebuilt transmissions from our competitors units.

In my opinion, it’s unethical not to install the reprogramming kit in a rebuilt 4R100. It does not cost the rebuilding company very much more, and the extra hour it takes to install it during a rebuild is well spent, because our rate of failure in nearly zero. That in effect saves big money. What most folks notice is a more noticeable shift and better performance than it had from the factory.

There is one other quirk that haunted every Ford truck that has a 4R100 or E4OD transmission. It’s the transmission cooler system. Without going into great detail, simply out, this transmission does not cool down enough under extreme service and has a tendency to start to leak fluid out of the frontal area very badly when overheated, usually causing an immediate failure.

While our rebuilt units will take anything you can give it in the F-150 and F-250 trucks, it is imperative to install one on the F-350 and larger trucks. Ask your representative about the cooler and how we can be of service to you. Call Now and find out why our customers send our friends here.

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