Rebuilt Ford 4R44E Transmissions for Sale

The Ford 4R44E is a modern automatic overdrive transmission with full computer controls, it was the replacement transmission for the C-3 [3 speed] and the A4LD [4 speed] overdrive automatic transmissions, respetivley. Both are derivatives of the C-3, which was a simple 3 speed automatic transmission for midsized and smaller Ford products. The Ford 4R44E transmissions for sale at are available for shipment as soon as the deal is closed.

The 4R44E uses a lock up torque converter. Essentially, the lockup feature is like an extra gear. Lock up adds few miles per gallon. It is used universally in every automatic transmission nowadays. The lock up feature definitely had some early design problems, the rebuilt transmissions we sell have all of the built-into problems [as I discuss a few paragraphs down] solved, we also supply a correctly rebuilt torque converter in order to complete the job.

A lot of people are surprised when I recommend a rebuilt transmission as the best solution right off the bat. The truth of the matter is those same people are surprised at how affordable a rebuilt 4R44E transmission is. The main issue in my opinion is that because this unit has been out of production for about 10 years, it’s hard to find a reliable used transmission to replace your bad one with.

I’m am not saying we can not locate a good used transmission for you, I’m, saying that the cost comparison between the two may be surprising. And a rebuilt transmission is essentially like a new transmission.

Another reason I’m a fan of our rebuilt transmissions is because every one of them receives an update package/shift kit to eliminate the factory irregularities and improve both function and lifespan of the 4R44E, or any transmission for that matter. Literally, we build pure value into every transmission we sell.

The keys to success with the 4R44E transmissions are a rebuilt torque converter and an update kit. If those two ingredients are part of the rebuilt transmission you are interested in, then you are headed in the right direction. Don’t forget to use fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

We want your business, please take a few minutes and allow us to council and educate you. An educated customer always makes better decisions. Make the best decision of all, call and get a free quote.

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