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Chrysler introduced the stylish PT Cruiser in late 1999 for the 2000 model year. It comes in a 5-door hatchback and a 2-door convertible. It only had one automatic transmission offered and one standard shift transmission. Either way, every day has rebuilt PT Cruiser transmissions for sale cheap.

The five-speed manual transaxle has a reverse gear brake to slow down the gear rotation for easy gear engagement. To improve durability with higher torque output, the standard Chrysler five-speed manual transaxle was upgraded with a stronger input shaft, wider gear teeth surfaces and larger, meatier improved ball bearings.

The optional four-speed automatic called the Ultradrive was introduced in 1989, known as the A604. It features wide-spaced gear ratios and a new final drive gearing to improve shifting performance, torque converter performance and efficiency. It became Chrysler’s most popular front wheel drive transmission/transaxle in history.

Features of this system include no bands, no sprag clutches, sophisticated electronic controls, fully adaptive [learn on the fly] shifting, improved torque management for more accurate shifts and interactive engine and transaxle input sensors, switches and transmission controllers that provide control in hilly terrain.

Early model 604 transaxles had a fair amount of functional problems for a few years until Chrysler and some astute transmission re-builders figured out how to solve the deficiencies and produce a really fine product. These updates and upgrades are installed in every rebuilt A 604 that leaves our facilities.

Recognize these symptoms?
The most common problems with the early Chrysler A604 transmissions are poor shifting quality and sudden drive-line shocks into second gear caused by the transmission computer detecting problems with sensor input and clutch clearances (“limp-home” mode).

It is worth mentioning that the A604 transmissions were improved and deemed reliable by the mid ’90’s, meaning a used transmission is not a risk. We make sure that the actual ”code” on the transmission is one from the new and improved transmissions, which does not have the inherent problems anymore.

PT cruiser owners are a loyal bunch, our experiences are that most owners are interested in our improved rebuilt transmissions for peace of mind. allow us to show you why our rebuilt transmissions outperform the competition. Call one of our representatives now.

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