Rebuilt CD4E Transmissions are Better than New

Poor CD4E transmissions. Poor owners of cars that had them in it. Ford Motor Company introduced an automatic front wheel drive transmission in 1997 called the CD4E, it was discontinued in 2007. Many people wish it was discontinued earlier! Mazda also used this transmission, called the LA4A-EL.

Right off the beat I have to say that our rebuilt CD4E transmissions are better than anyone else’s. Some people don’t believe our Rebuilt CD4E Transmissions are Better than New. If you read more I can explain why. If you simply want to buy one now, call

This transmission was used widespread in Ford and Mazda vehicles for about 10 years. I’ll show you a list of cars it was used in in a minute. The issues concerning this trans. are considerable and expensive to fix. Most of the issues were design flaws in expensive areas that literally “trashed” the whole transmission upon failure.

For instance the input drum had a bad habit of tearing the steel drum, from an uncontrollable spike in line pressure. This was a common problem that plagued car owners with said transmission right from the beginning. It took several years to finally design the drum to withstand the rigors. It also took a few years to control the line pressure from spiking on occasion.

Here is the application list I promised:
• 1994–2002 Mazda 626 4-cylinder
• 1994–1997 Mazda MX-6 4-cylinder
• 1994–1997 Ford Probe 4-cylinder
• 1995–2000 Ford Contour
• 1995–2000 Mercury Mystique
• 1995–2007 Ford Mondeo (up to Mondeo III 4 cylinder model)
• 1999–2002 Mercury Cougar
• 2001–2008 Ford Escape
• 2001–2006 Mazda Tribute
• 2005–2008 Mercury Mariner

In reality, it was the aftermarket, transmission mechanics like myself and other concerned tranny men who finally figured out how to control line pressure spikes. An update kit was made by the leader in aftermarket transmission update kits [TRANSGO] that solved the problem. An updated input drum was designed by the factory. The reinforced drum and line pressure updates cured the problem for good.

Maybe it’s easier to understand why I push rebuilt units so much. Anything less is total waste of money. A lot of Ford and Mazda owners have experienced this frustrating and expensive problem. We can’t change the past. However you can buy a rebuilt CD4E transmission and torque converter that beats your expectations for a fair price.

Talk to a professional transmission salesperson about it. Learn more about your transmission and why we are the best choice. Not only do we sell the finest rebuilt transmissions, we have outstanding customer service. Our goal is to get your new transmission shipped ASAP. Call for more details.

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