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When someone asks me for advise on a replacement transmission, in most cases I’ll recommend a rebuilt transmission. I like rebuilt transmissions. They are a valuable option to consider when replacing a worn out or broken transmission. My friend asked me the other day if he should get a quality Rebuilt Dodge Transmission for Sale over a used transmission for his Dodge van. I told him it all depends, but I like rebuilt transmissions.

It depends on what year your vehicle is and what you do with it. Dodge makes a bunch of cars and trucks and limiting anyone to only one option is a disservice, however it is the sellers responsibility to understand their customers situation and recommend the best solution.

Honestly, for the cost of a fully rebuilt transmission prepared with better than factory parts, and all approved updates available for said model of Dodge transmission, you will be surprised at how affordable it is. Affordability and pure value are rebuilt right into every transmission has to offer.

Buying the best replacement transmission for your vehicle saves big money in other ways not immediately evident. One thing is that it will last longer than an ordinary or poor rebuild job. Just that fact in itself makes this a great solution. Couple that with the low pricing and you have a value that can’t be beat.

The reason I know that most Dodge owners want rebuilt transmissions is because that is what they demand mostly. Dodge car, van and truck owners are very loyal to their vehicles and tend to repair them as opposed to selling them when they need a serious repair. With that in mind, most Dodge people choose rebuilt parts over any other form available.

Another feature our rebuilt transmissions have is we decided to include a rebuilt torque converter with each rebuilt transmission, no extra or secret charges. When you consider how competitive our prices are, you will rest assured sells peace of mind with every job.

Not every company includes a rebuilt torque converter with each job as part of the price. Not installing quality rebuilt torque converter with a rebuilt transmissions is a guaranteed way to have warranty problems or a pre-mature failure. Go with the experts now. Call one of our representatives now for more information.

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