Sienna Gen. 2 LE, XLE, and CE Model Transmissions Rebuilt with Pride

Second generation Toyota Sienna vans were made between 2004 and 2010. The idea behind the second gen models was to find it’s weaknesses and eliminate them. The redesigned Sienna also offered a variety of new features, many of which were derived from the competition within the market. Excellence in drive line operation is the pursuit.

The only transmissions offered were automatic transaxles. Both were the same design, one fit front wheel drive models only, and the other one fit all wheel drive [AWD] models. It is a 5 forward speed transmission called: U151E in the front wheel drive versions, the U151F in all wheel drive versions. Both units use an electronically operated torque converter for better fuel mileage. sells Sienna Gen. 2 LE, XLE, and CE model Transmissions Rebuilt with Pride and integrity that cost less in the long run, and have little or no warranty issues to keep you satisfied. We pride ourselves on customer service from the beginning phone call.

The chassis design on front engine front wheel drive vehicles is called transverse, and all wheel drive is optional. The design includes a front mounted engine and transmission bolted together sideways under the hood. If it is an AWD, it has a transfer shaft to power the rear wheels built right into it. It’s a great design used by all the major car makers. Not for rugged off road use, more for slippery weather in snowy areas.

For all practical purposes it’s a conventional transaxle. Which is what we call a unit that incorporates the differential gears and transmission parts all in the same weight saving aluminum case. It also saves space which makes the ‘package’ easier to install up front in a small area. Plus, the aluminum saves weight, which can’t be stated to much regarding fuel savings.

Rebuilt transmissions usually provide the most thorough and long term solution. No better variation is available. For the cost of the unit, to how many miles it will deliver, it turns out to be cheap in the long run. Plus, a properly rebuilt transmission has nearly no chance of problems during warranty.

Have you ever though about what you would do it you bought a crummy rebuilt transmission, and it was no good and you had to have it removed and return it to the company? What if you were out of town and it failed?

You can ask those questions to one of our representatives. We are here to provide realistic answers to your questions. Our main goal is to get you into a rebuilt Toyota transmission fast and easy all for an affordable price. Call

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