Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZGTE 3.0L Transmissions for Sale

Speaking of Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZGTE 3.0L Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale, Toyota used the most durable transmissions available at the time. Since this is classified as an ultra high performance car, Toyota understood the need for a rugged unit designed to take the beating the car is designed for overall. The transmissions listed below came matched up to the powerful engines Toyota planted under the hoods too.

1. W58 [Toyota 5 speed manual], Toyota in-house designed amd manufactured 5 speed manual shift transmission.
2. A340E [4 speed auto],
3. A343E [4 speed auto],

 Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZGTE Transmissions for Sale

Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZGTE Transmissions for Sale

4. V160/V161 [Getrag 6 speed manual] Getrag is a large German manufacturer of manual transmissions for all brands of vehicles. Obviously it is a superior product or it would not be used by Toyota in a high performance car. In fact, it was chosen for use because of its’ ability to withstand extreme usage.

Rebuilt transmissions for the Toyota Supra, Arista and the other cars and trucks in their lineup are very cost effective. Each transmission is rebuilt with the application in mind. Our high performance rebuilt Supra 2JZGTE transmissions use factory original or better parts and out perform the competitions transmissions hands down.

Without sacrificing anything, our rebuilt transmissions cost very little in the long run, simply put, they last a long time and have little or no problems along the way. That is a recipe for success and saving money all at the same time.

Call an expert in transmission sales. Get a good education on how to choose the best replacement transmission for your car. builds peace of mind and pure value into every unit. If you are waiting on tax money, now is the time to make your decision, Call Now.

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