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AMG is a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz. Specializing in the high performance, luxury car transmissions. Although some folks have referred to it as a Volvo transmission, I can find no proof that is so. We corrected our customer, what he wanted was a Mercedes R63 Transmission for sale. I’m not sure how people get so messed up, but that is our job, to get the story correct.

It shows how little many folks know about their cars. It’s not really a very big deal because any rebuilt transmission supplier worth their salt will correct you immediately. As a matter of fact, I’m absolutely convinced that the more knowledge you can provide your customer with, the better decision they will make. Which is absolutely in both your customers and our best interests.

Happy customers are the best form of advertising. Mercedes customers are very exacting. The car was purchased for a reason, one of them being it is reliable and lasts a long time. Those same owners like to deal with major transmission repairs of such a well engineered car, with someone who understands the complexity and details of the beast.

Without getting too detailed here, a Mercedes transmission is perhaps the most exacting, complicated and precise working automatic transmissions made. Not only that, most of the transmissions are designed to match the exact specifications of a particular vehicle made at the factory. So, it is frightfully important that the seller of a rebuilt transmission for a Mercedes literally matches the numbers metal stamped on the side of your transmission with the numbers metal stamped on the side of the rebuilt transmission being sold to you, or.

Your rebuilt transmission will not work properly. That’s it in a nutshell. Pure and simple, with out getting too detailed. Our rebuilt R63 transmissions are set to match the exact specifications of the car in which the numbers on the side of the transmission correspond to, it is that simple, or complicated. You can look at it anyway you want to.

To avoid these complexities, the gentlemen and gentlewomen at are trained to understand everything you don’t understand or need to understand. Call now and speak to a representative about one of our rebuilt Mercedes R62 automatic transmissions. Every rebuilt transmission comes with built in value and peace of mind. Call now.

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