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The news that Saturn was closing sent a wave of fear through the minds of Saturn Vue owners, especially owners who still drove older model Vues. We have been calming those fears for years because we offer all the Saturn transmissions in either remanufactured, used, or new condition. Our transmissions are inspected for quality as well as performance, and our prices are pocketbook friendly.

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A little about Vue Transmissions…
A Compact Crossover With Multiple Transmission Choices

General Motors invested big bucks in the Saturn Franchise. GM believed that they could change the auto industry in several ways when they introduced new 2002 Saturn models in 2001. The Saturn Vue was designed to be a compact crossover that could compete with the Japanese imports, which were steadily eating away at GM’s profit margins.

That strategy never really materialized the way GM executives planned, but the Vue did become Saturn’s best selling model for a short period of time. The first generation Vue was equipped with a four cylinder Ecotec l4 engine, and the L81 V6 was also available with the five speed Aisin AF33 automatic transmission.
In 2004, all six cylinder Vues were equipped with the Honda J35A3 250 horsepower engine, and a Honda transmission. In fact, five transmission choices were offered on first generation Vues, and that made some car buyers happy while others shook their uneducated transmission heads in confusion.

The second generation transmission choices were a little more understandable. There was one transmission choice for fossil fuel models (diesel or gas), and one choice (CVT) for the hybrid model. When the high performance Vue made its debut in 2004 under the “Red Line” name, the same Honda engine was under the hood and the same transmission options were available. Saturn just added a sportier suspension and tweaked the engine for performance.
The “Green Line” Vue was introduced in 2007 as Saturn’s green model. The Green Line was a mild hybrid with an electric motor that was connected to the crankshaft with a special drive belt, and they modified the automatic transmission so it would fit. This motor automatically stopped the engine when the Vue cames to a halt, and immediately started the engine when the vehicle needed to move again.

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