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One of the most popular midsize pickup trucks is the Toyota Tacoma. The double cab version is so popular because you can carry extra people, such as workers to the job site, stuff, or family members. The second generation Tacoma was named Motor Trend Magazines Truck of the year in 2005.

Because this post is for folks looking for rebuilt Toyota Tacoma Double Cab transmissions for sale, or information concerning the transmissions, that is what I’ll write about. One small bit of info first. The first generation Tacoma was made from 1995 to 2004, it was considered a compact truck. Second generation Tacoma’s made from 2005 and on are classified as mid-sized trucks.

The transmissions offered in the 1st generation trucks were straight forward. A 5 speed manual transmission was offered, and a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission was available. The manual transmission is called R150F, it’s a conventional design using standard blocking ring synchronizers.

The automatic transmissions use a feature called ‘lock up’. A gas saving and engine saving feature that is like an extra forward gear.

Vehicles that have four wheel drive use a transfer-case to split the power between the front and rear differentials. The T.C. is bolted directly to the transmission. We call it a ‘longitudinal’ setup. Where the transmission and engine is located front to back, or north to south of the axis of the vehicle.

An ordinary push pull clutch system is used to connect the engine and transmission.

The second generation Tacoma was introduced in 2005 and was a bit bigger. It was also equipped with more power and a larger selection of transmissions. Now offering 2 manual transmissions and two automatic transmissions. The engine and chassis and axle ratios combinations determined which transmission was used in said vehicle.

As a 30 plus year transmission veteran, Toyota has always made a good transmission. As a general rule, Toyota transmissions last a long time with proper maintenance. However they wear out, and or have failures for many reasons. When you run into a problem that deserves so much attention, call someone who cares.

We sell rebuilt transmissions because they are the most valuable replacement transmission. Every rebuilt transmission receives every factory approved update and better than new parts. The machine work involved is done on CNC [computer numerically controlled] lathes and equipment.

A rebuilt torque converter is included with every rebuilt automatic transmission. Call one of our experts and find out why is “Where our customers send their friends”.

Don’t forget, this is a four wheel drive vehicle and if you need a transfer case, make sure to ask. Have your VIN [vehicle identification number] ready when you call. It’s on your registration. Rebuilt transmissions offer peace of mind and 100% confidence.

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